Embrace the Macabre: Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric (£8pm)

Embrace the Macabre: Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric (£8pm)

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Dive into the depths of darkness and give life to your eerie creations with our Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric. This spine-chilling fabric is a must-have for those who revel in the world of horror and all things macabre.

**Why Choose Our Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric?**

💀 **Hauntingly Realistic Design:** Our fabric features a chilling print of horror skulls and screaming faces that will send shivers down your spine. It's perfect for adding a touch of the macabre to your projects.

🌙 **Premium Cotton Comfort:** Crafted from high-quality cotton, this fabric offers both softness and durability. It's comfortable against the skin, making it ideal for various sewing and crafting projects.

✂️ **Easy to Work With:** Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or a novice crafter, our cotton fabric is easy to cut, sew, and shape. It's perfect for quilting, clothing, home decor, and more.

🎨 **Versatile Applications:** From spooky Halloween costumes and decorations to unique accessories and quilts, this fabric is versatile for all your haunting creations.

🪡 **Sew with Ease:** Our fabric is a dream to sew, allowing you to bring your chilling visions to life with precision and ease.

🌟 **Premium Quality:** We take pride in providing top-notch materials to ensure your creations are not only terrifying but also of the highest quality.

🛒 **Shop with Confidence:** When you shop with us, you're not just purchasing fabric; you're investing in exceptional customer service and fast shipping. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Unleash your inner darkness and bring your horror-themed creations to life with our Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric. Whether you're a horror aficionado, a cosplayer, or simply looking to add a spooky twist to your sewing projects, this fabric is your perfect companion.

Order your Horror Skulls and Screaming Faces Cotton Fabric today and craft your most chilling and memorable projects yet. Embrace the macabre and let your creativity run wild!


100% Cotton

115 GSM


 Price per 25cm x 147cm

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances – from yarns and fabrics to the ready-to-use items that you can buy in the shops.


Please note that I cut by hand so allow 10mm

To receive a continuous length of fabric keep adding additional lengths. For example 2m would be 8 units. 

I try to capture the most accurate colours of the fabrics, colours may appear different on computer screens depending on screen resolution or device.